Who Wants to do a Road Trip?

Do you love to hear the words Road Trip? I know I do, but before the words are spoken I know a road trip is imminent. Squirrels scurry, and so do humans. In and out of the house, up and down the stairs, opening and closing of doors and cabinets, and moving things around. Yup. We are going somewhere.

I’m not good at reading maps, so I never know the destination until we get there. Whenever possible, my head is out of the window. I obviously can’t do this at high speeds, but Dave always puts the window down while driving through towns or at stop signs. I love the window down when we drive over the bridge. It’s the Mackinac Bridge, but people in Michigan just call it “the bridge,” like it’s the only bridge there is. In defense of Michiganders, it is a pretty spectacular bridge. It’s five miles from one side to the other spanning the straits of Mackinac. Humans will talk about the amazing vistas such as being able to see the famous porch on the Grand Hotel, watching the ferry boats, and sometimes a freighter or two. A dog’s focus is of course on the smells. It’s heaven. The moisture in the air, whiffs of fish, rotting seaweed, seagull poop – I’m geeked!

It didn’t take us long to get to where we were going. We set up camp in a campground, and right on the bank of a river. I like it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a water dog. As far as I’m concerned water is only good for one thing – drinking. What I love about this place are of course the smells. They are different and intriguing. A common one of course is dog pee. I know right off that there are at least two different dogs nearby. I am soon introduced to one of them, and I like her right away. I always let my instincts lead me when it comes to whether or not I like another dog. This one was small and calm – two characteristics I prefer. I also could tell that she liked me as well. The butt sniffing and face licking commenced.

It wasn’t long before I saw another dog. This dog is not a big dog, so it was not his size that alarmed me. It was his attitude. The hateful energy coming off of that dog was palpable. The hair stood straight up on my back. I want nothing to do with this one. I’m sure he will bite. I turned away from him and went to sit by Val. If he comes this way I will protect her. Not sure how…I’ll start with a growl for sure.

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